About Us


The Story

          We opened February 6th, 2012. We have come a long way since that first day. We started out with great intentions and a lot of excitement. We were determined to develop a great crew that could provide delicious food and wonderful service. Each week we have gotten better at preparing quality food accurate to the requests of our guest’s orders. We now patty our own fresh never frozen hamburger patties purchased locally at Hampton Meats. We slice and bread our pickles for our fried pickle appetizers. We hand bread our chicken tenders which are purchased locally at Hampton Meats. We cut our own onions and bread them to make our onion rings. We cut, separate, season, and marinate our wings daily. We only buy enough to last a few days. We cut our own corn tortilla chips and cook them just before we serve them. Davo’s is fresh.

We don’t cook your food till you order it. Our cooks won’t put your meat on the grille or in the fryer till he or she hears it on the drive thru head phones or called out by our servers. It may take a few extra minutes to get your food but it’s worth the wait! We encourage our staff to visit with their guests. We all live our lives too fast. We want you to come in and relax and enjoy yourselves. Don’t misunderstand, we will work to get your order to you as fast as possible but we won’t be too busy to say Hi and sincerely interact with you. We want to learn your names and make you feel comfortable and eager to return. We think it’s cool to look out and see familiar folks all over the dining room visiting with the staff and each other. We have 5 TVs and are eager to seat you or change the channel to any sport or family channel you want. Just ask us. If you want to change or substitute anything on the menu just ask us. We will try to customize as much as possible. Thank you for dining with us. God bless you and please tell your friends about us.


Davo, Karl, San and the Team